Protect your food!

Up for a dessert? Great, but so are the ants!
Can you protect your food from the escalating invasion of ants? Then prove it!

Squash the ants by tapping on them before they reach your food.
Some of them will be twice the size of the others and will need a double-tap before they go down! Double the size? Double the points!

Make sure you keep an eye out for the special power that randomly gets unlocked! When unlocked, an ant swatter icon will be shown on the left hand side of your plate with food. Tap it once and instantly kill every ant on-screen!

Good luck!

Index finger squashing an ant
Squash the ants by tapping on them.
PROTIP: If you place your phone on a flat surface, such as a table, it's easier to tap the ants using both your index fingers!
Don't share your food.
Food is great, food is awesome, so why would you share it with ants?
Kill the ants before they reach your food!
Index finger squashing an ant
Index finger squashing an ant
Be a hero, use your powers!
Kill enough ants and you will randomly start unlocking special powers!
Click the ant swatter icon when it appears and instantly kill every ant on-screen.
Screenshot of the starting screen
Screenshot of the instructions screen
Screenshot of getting scores while tapping ants
Screenshot of the special power being unlocked
Screenshot of the game over screen with that games highscore
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